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Body at rest vs Mind at rest

By Arvind Pandey
Published in Life & Productivity
August 11, 2020
1 min read

Body at rest and mind at rest are two different things. When we want to relax, ideally we want both the body and the mind at rest, but that’s rarely possible. You might have noticed that while you are lying on bed, your body is at rest but your mind is not. The mind is thinking many different things and it’s context switching between many things. Your mind might be restless when you are sleeping as well. The more your mind is at rest, the deeper your sleep is. That’s the reason someday you get up from 8 hours of sleep but you still feel tired.

The sole reason for meditation is to put your mind at rest. You cut down all the forked thoughts from the mind and just keep one. The one that brings you to the present.You feel relaxed, you feel liberated. This can be achieved while your body is not at rest. Remember a situation when you are lost in your imagination, after that you feel relaxed, full of energy. Why? Because your mind was doing just one thing. It was not chaos inside your mind.

Most of today’s tiredness is due to the mind not the body. We are multi-tasking so many things at a time and the mind is not at rest. For a healthy life, your mind should be at more rest than the body.


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