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Power of following the system

By Arvind Pandey
Published in Life & Productivity
February 25, 2022
1 min read

Have you wondered what makes someone,
a world class athlete?
or the best piano player?
or the best in any class of work or sport?
If you try observing or reading through their lifes,
it’s this at the very core - following the system.
Wanted to illustrate this with an example.
You want to be expert in one domain.
You figured out the best in class youtube playlist.
It has almost everything to teach you about that domain.
The playlist has just 15 videos, each 30 mins long.
You are excited and started watching the video.
So are others who want to get expertise in
the same domain.
Have you observed one thing,
the very first video has
relatively very high numbers of views?
The subsequent video has a lot less views,
it roughly decreases by more than 50% in some cases.
This is how competition decreases too.
Not everybody wants to go through the boring system.
Most of us drop in the middle.
The one who stays on the course,
rises to the top.
You don’t need to do anything extraordinary
to be in top 1%.
You just need to follow the system.



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