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You want to start running, but you don't know where to start? I can help you.

By Arvind Pandey
Published in Running
September 20, 2017
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Ok, you really want to start running but you have gazillions of doubts cluttering your ambition. I can relate to it. I was in the same state some 5 years back. Today I have completed 5 marathons and 15 half marathons. Trust me if I can do it you can too. I’m going to walk you through step by step process that will help you to graduate as a runner.

1) Everybody was a beginner once

Beginning of anything is hard but it has beauty as well.
Most of the time you feel alive because you are curious about – how, what, why?
So if you are just starting with running, get excited.
Ask, how people can run 48 hours without stopping?
What is so addictive about running?
Why people run a hundred miles or even more at one stretch?
Once you start running, you might never get the answer to any of the above questions, or you might get few answers.
But in the process of running, you will get your definition of “why you run?” So let’s begin.

2) Start with walking for a few days.

Coming to practical advice. Start with short walks for a week or two. Walk for 1-2 km. You can do this alternate day. Take rest the next day. After two weeks, increase the distance. Start walking for 2-3 km. Put your favorite song on with earphone, within 30 mins, you will be doing 3 to 3.5 km without any extra effort. Continue the long walk for 2-3 weeks. After one month, you will be easily doing 3-4 km of the walk. That’s a lot of progress. Cheers.

3) Then start jog and walk

Now let’s convert that walk to jog and walk. To start with, jog for 200 meters and walk for the next 300 meters. Repeat the above cycle 8 times. That will add to total 4 km. Follow this routine for 1 month. After one month, increase the mileage. Not much, just 1 km more. Now jog for 300 meters and walk for 200 meters. Repeat this cycle 10 times. Congratulations, you are doing 5kms in and about 2 months.

4) Ask a few of your friends to join you.

During this process, talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends. Tell them about your activity. They might be feeling shy alone to start. If that’s the case they will join you. If not, you continue. But don’t forget to tell few people about your activity. You can tell to your family members as well. It helps you to keep on track. There is a psychological reasoning behind that. I will not go into details of it. I want you to just brag about your new achievement. That’s all.

5) Join local/city runners

You can join local running groups to keep yourself motivated. You will meet new people. You will get to learn a lot about running.

Below are some mental blocks for beginners while joining a running group.

  1. Feeling shy to join regular runners.
  2. Few people have low self-esteem to join the regular runners.
  3. They think they are slow.
  4. What if I’m fat and everybody is fit?

From my experience I can tell, the people in the group are very supportive in nature. You have to break the shell and come out of your comfort zone.

6) If you are not a morning person, that’s ok.

Don’t fight 2 things together, new routine and new habit. I used to train in the night in the beginning. When running became my habit, I changed my routine to morning. You have to come up with a system, that works for you. Breaking the morning routine itself is calling for a new habit. Let’s deal one by one. If evening or night works for you, that’s totally fine.

7) Keep yourself motivated for just a few days, after that nobody can stop you. Running is addictive.

From my experience I can tell, running is very addictive. In the starting, it might be a bit of struggle. But after some time, I will not be surprised when you are looking for Garmin watches, fancy gear and branded shoes for your training and planning for the official marathon. Welcome to the running.

Running is kind of like coffee. The first time you drink it you might not like it. It’s bitter and leaves a bad taste in your mouth but you kind of like the way it makes you feel. However, after a few times, it starts to taste better and then all of a sudden you’re hooked and it’s the new best part of waking up. - Amy Hastings


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