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Self-introduction is a challenging task. While you have to tell enough about yourself so that it gives enough context about you, you also need to be careful that it doesn't become a topic of self-bragging. Nevertheless, let me try.
Early Life and Education
Hello, my name is Arvind Pandey. Born and brought up in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. I did my schooling in my village. Fortunately, I got a good rank in AIEEE and moved to NIT Warangal to pursue engineering in Computer Science.

Beginning of Corporate Life
After graduating from college in April 2011. In June 2011, I joined CA Technologies, Hyderabad as Software Engineer. Life was good. Quite happy and proud but not for very long.

Realization & Exploration
Just after one year, it was in July 2012, I was sitting in the office on a weekend, bored. Self-reflecting on the last year, life was good except for one thing. The curse of being a Software Engineer. Part of my job requires only to use my hand and probably a bit of my brain. I realized where I'm heading to. I needed to step out of my comfort zone. I was looking for ways to engage in some form of activity. I came to know about a site called meetup.com from a friend. I started going trekking, bouldering, and rock climbing. I pursued it for a good one year. It was fun but I was still not home. I kept looking for something more from life.

Finding the home - The Running
I came to know about Hyderabad Marathon in 2013, again from an office friend. Signed-up for the full marathon. I signed up on July 16th, and the event was scheduled for August 31, Sunday. I ran my first marathon unprepared. I almost died running 42.2 km [Not literally, but you get it]. But, it changed me. I found my home. After that, I never stopped running. My first two marathons were full marathons, and it was painful as I was running and learning about running parallelly. Soon I started training regularly. My timing improved significantly. Since then, I have run numerous full marathons, and half marathons, and a couple of ultra marathons.
My Personal Best:
10k: 43 mins
21.1k: 1:41 hr
42.2k: 4:21 hr

The Current
I moved to Bengaluru at the beginning of 2022. I'm working as Engineering Manager at The New Yorker [Condé Nast]. I'm happy that my life is a balance between writing, running, gym, and job. I use this space to write essays and actionable steps on habits, productivity, and health.
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